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Tuesday, 20 June


FixedIt: Rape is about people "IndyWatch Feed National"

All headlines that erase victims and perpetrators are dehumanising, misleading, and lazy. This one is even worse because the article reports something everyone should read.

A man raped a woman. This is abhorrent, but not uncommon. The woman was able to report the rape to police. The police believed her, investigated and charged the rapist. The DPP took the case to trial and the man was convicted of rape. This series of events is remarkable.

The defence lawyer claimed the rapist was a vulnerable man who had experienced a great deal of psychological distress. This is entirely unremarkable.

Judge Gaynors response: It is not for men, such as your client, to take out their own emotional anguish and difficulties by the sexual assault of a young woman.

Some men see women as an object to assist them, or something to help themselves to in a time of personal difficulty.

(There is) this notion of a man in turmoil something clicks over in his head and the way to relieve that is by sexually assaulting a woman. Men cannot and must not, and if they do there will be very strong consequences.

In addition to the rape, the woman also told the court about the online comments shes seen making jokes and memes about the rape, and blaming her for the rapists choice to rape her.

Judge Gaynor, who clearly doesnt spend much time online, said this was extraordinary I cannot believe people can be so hideously cruel.

Judge Gaynors comments might be more incisive than most, but they are far more typical of the things said court than you might believe if you only ever read news reports.

Public institutions, such as courts, media, parliament, and police are structured to protect men from consequences of committing sexual violence and punish women for being victims of sexually violent men. Sometimes, when I see or hear a judge say the things Judge Gaynor said, I start to believe we can change those structures. Then I remember that you could fill the MCG twice over with all the women who have been sexually assaulted in a single year in Australia and the men convicted would fit in the members bars with room to spare.

and I think of the endless media articles implicitly or explicitly blaming victims and defending perpetrators, and the parliaments that make laws to enforce this behaviour. One exceptional judge and one remarkable outcome is not change.

Not yet.



The Benefits of Aluminium Plantation Shutters: A Stylish and Durable Choice "IndyWatch Feed National"

When it comes to window treatments, plantation shutters have long been favoured for their timeless elegance and versatility. Among the various materials available, aluminium plantation shutters stand out as an exceptional choice, offering a range of benefits that set them apart from other options.

In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of aluminium plantation shutters and shed light on the differences between aluminium and PVC or wood shutters.

  • Affordability

    Aluminium plantation shutters offer excellent value for your investment. While they may have a slightly higher upfront cost compared to some other materials, their long-term benefits and durability make them a cost-effective choice. With their resistance to wear and tear, you wont need to replace them as frequently as other window treatments, saving you money in the long run.
  • Ease of Installation

    One of the advantages of aluminium plantation shutters is their ease of installation. They are typically designed to fit a variety of window sizes and can be custom-made to your specifications. Many manufacturers provide detailed installation instructions, and if you prefer professional assistance, there are experienced installers available. With their lightweight construction, aluminium shutters are relatively easy to handle and install, making the process smooth and hassle-free.
  • Insulation Performance

    Up to 40% of your homes heating energy is lost through the windows, while, in summer, up to 87% of heat is gained through the windows. Aluminium plantation shutters offer excellent insulation properties, helping to regulate temperature and reduce energy consumption.The air pockets created by the louvred design of the shutters act as a buffer between the window and the interior space, providing an additional layer of insulation. This insulation helps to block out heat during the hot summer months and retain warmth in colder seasons, allowing for better control over your indoor climate. As a result, you can save money on heating and cooling costs. This makes aluminium the perfect material for living room or bedroom plantation shutters.
  • Durability

    Aluminium plantation shutters are highly durable and built to withstand various environmental conditions. Unlike other materials prone to warping, cracking, or fading, aluminium shutters are resistant to moisture, corrosion, and UV rays. This durability ensures that your shutters will maintain their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal for years to come. With only minimal maintenance requirements, aluminium shutters offer a long-lasting solution that can handle the demands of daily u...


Combat roles? Equality? Watch this female v. male marine match-up. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Equality doesnt pan out in real life like it does in the movies. Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) June 19, 2023


Link "IndyWatch Feed National"

How do you say thank you to Seeker of Truth? Magnificent work, as always. Here's the Truth Seeker! Thomas Mayo (aka Thomas Mayor) was a protege of Brian Manning, a MUA activist working on the Darwin wharves when young Thomas put his hand up to be an Organiser for the...


Populist Quiz: Is Green The New Brown? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Properly tackling climate change requires open discussions and hard questions, in particular of people who might have already made up their minds about the best way forward. Geoff Russell explains.

I attended a Greens Party fundraiser recently in Adelaide. I didnt do a head-count of Animal Justice Party (AJP) members in attendance, but I know I wasnt alone. Many AJP members have a complex relationship with the Greens. Tammy Franks, Greens Member of the South Australian Legislative Council, has been a terrific advocate on animal issues in State Parliament and Ive worked with her on many occasions, either campaigning on shared concerns or arranging preferences during elections, and the like.

The night was full of all the things I love about the Greens, quiz questions about critters, pictures of just the eye of an animal asking you to name the species, or, even harder, having to tag a sound with its species name. Can anybody think of another quiz night where tables would nominate a representative to get up on stage and perform their favourite animal sound?

Environmental politics is full of warm touchy feely issues about cute or rare animals; as well as the not so cute. Interest in wildlife is deep and emotional for many of us, even if we are ignorant of the facts and analysis that a professional ecologist would bring to the table.

But however strong an emotional connection to land or its wild plants or animals might be, it doesnt guarantee sensible policy; not on its own. So Id have had a smattering of challenging educational questions. The kind of questions that expand your horizons, shrink your comfort zone and allow you to make truly rational policy decisions.

For example, how many tonnes of mined quartz do Uyghurs have to crush with big hammers to make a thousand megawatts of solar panels? Where does most of the worlds polysilicon in solar photovoltaic (PV) panels come from? You might like to read this for clues.

An image from a report by the Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, which reveals the extent of forced labour in the Uyghur region, and its ripple effects throughout international solar supply chains.

In the fie...


Link "IndyWatch Feed National"

Great work from the team at Advance Australia. Magnificent work. Send this to your friends. NB - the Maritime Union of Australia shirt is a bit of a giveaway!


When TikTok welcomes The Palestine Laboratory "IndyWatch Feed National"

TikTok is one of the biggest apps in the world so its pleasing to see this pro-Palestine account, with a large following, talking positively about my new book, The Palestine Laboratory:

@anat_international Thank you @VersoBooks ???????? #palestine #books #palestinebooks #booktok #bookmail original sound anat_international

The post When TikTok welcomes The Palestine Laboratory appeared first on Antony Loewenstein.


AFTINET updated briefing paper calls for the urgent review and removal of ISDS in existing trade agreements "IndyWatch Feed National"

June 20, 2023 : AFTINET has produced an updated briefing paper on Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) with the latest case studies.

Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) is a mechanism within some trade agreements which enables foreign (but not local) investors to sue governments for millions and even billions of dollars of compensation if they can argue that a change in domestic law or policy has reduced the value of their investment, and/or that they were not consulted fairly about the change, and/or that it did not meet their expectations of the regulatory environment at the time of their investment.

ISDS is a flawed system which gives additional legal rights to international investors which already have enormous market power.  ISDS cases have been used to claim compensation for legitimate public interest laws and policies on health, environment, indigenous land rights, minimum wages and government action to reduce carbon emissions. This has a freezing effect on essential regulation and undermines the democratic right of governments to regulate in the public interest. Even if governments win ISDS cases, they cost tens of millions to defend.

ISDS flawed processes include: use of ad hoc tribunals, a lack of transparency; lengthy proceedings; high legal and arbitration costs and inconsistent decisions caused by the lack of precedents and appeals. Arbitrators are not independent judges, but instead remain practising advocates with potential or actual conflicts of interest.

Clive Palmer's claim to be a Singaporean investor in order to use ISDS in the Australia-New Zealand ASEAN FTA to sue the Australian government is just the latest example of international investors manipulation of ISDS in trade and investment agreements. The US Philip Morris tobacco company in 2012 also moved assets to Hong Kong and used ISDS in an Australia-Hong Kong investment agreement to sue Australia over our plain packaging laws. Australias large number of previous agreements with ISDS have also enabled international mining companies to use Australian subsidiaries in forum shopping exercises.

ISDS also enables excessively high awards based on dubious and inconsistent calculations of expected future profits, which can reduce significantly government funds for essential services, as occurred with the US $5.8 billion award against Pakistan. Third-party funding for cases as speculative investments which receive a percentage of the award encourages excessive claims, which are more about making money than obtaining justice.

Governments are responding to global movements against ISDS by...


Daniel Ellsberg Left us a message "IndyWatch Feed National"

Daniel Ellsberg, the defence analyst and whistleblower, made famous for his role in the exposure of President Nixons 1972 Watergate scandal, and who more recently, was a leading supporter of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, passed away from pancreatic cancer last Friday. He was 92. Elsberg was the real-life character behind the film all the Presidents Men. Norman Solomon is the national director of and executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy wrote the following tribute to the great man (LA Progressive 19 June 2023).

When Daniel Ellsberg died on Friday, the world lost a transcendent whistleblower with a powerful ethos of compassion and resolve.

Ellsbergs renown for openly challenging the mentalities of militarism began on June 23, 1971, when he appeared on CBS Evening News ten days after news broke about the Pentagon Papers that hed provided to journalists. Ellsberg pointedly said that in the 7,000 pages of top-secret documents, I dont think there is a line in them that contains an estimate of the likely impact of our policy on the overall casualties among Vietnamese or the refugees to be caused, the effects of defoliation in an ecological sense. Theres neither an estimate nor a calculation of past effects, ever.

Video from KTLA

And he added: The documents simply reflect the internal concerns of our officials. That says nothing more nor less that that our o gficials never did concern themselves with the effect of our policies on the Vietnamese.

Ellsberg told anchor Walter Cronkite: I think we cannot let the officials of the Executive Branch determine for us what it is that the public needs to know about how well and how they are discharging their functions.

The functions of overseeing the war on Vietnam had become repugnant to Ellsberg a...


Manufacturers profits before environment "IndyWatch Feed National"

We (the consumers/shoppers according to their labels) are told/enticed/guilted/taxed into devoting a lot of resources in order to (allegedly) save the planet.

The problem there is that the manufacturers, corporations and governments are realistically in charge of this.

E-waste is a huge problem, both financially for the consumers and a burden on the environment which could have been being solved a few decades ago, but the corporations profits are of utmost priority or importance where governments 'support' this as, it's all about the economy.

For example, proprietary phone chargers could have been dealt with a couple of decades ago, but the manufacturers deliberately have not agreed on a so called standard, where the alleged pressure form governments now is too little too late.

In the case of printers, cartridges are deliberately priced where they can be more expensive than a purchase of a new printer with cartridges, where even manufactures chip the ink cartridge in order to gouge the customer for the consumable, another government 'supported' action against the consumer. 



In their own words - the simple truth behind Albanese's Vanity Voice "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thank you Advance Australia for this excellent summary. THE DIVISIVE VOICE, IN THE WORDS OF THOMAS MAYO What is this Voice to Parliament really about? Lets ask Thomas Mayo, the union official and self-described militant who wrote the book on the proposed constitutional change. He sits on Prime Minister Anthony...

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IndyWatch Bairnsdale VIC All Topics Summary Today.

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Monday, 19 June


Guest post: How Chinas rural solar policy could also boost heat pumps "IndyWatch Feed National"

Since 2021, Chinas Whole County PV programme has been dramatically expanding the use of solar power in rural areas, by building on government, commercial, industrial and residential rooftops.

However, the programme faces a number of obstacles, with problems reported, for example, in the rollout in the province of Shandong in eastern China. 

Yet it also offers advantages that can overcome the problem of scale. Installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on rooftops over a large area can clear out administrative burdens and reduce soft costs, which are inherent in marketing and installing solar to households or businesses one by one.

This raises an intriguing possibility: could such a programme work for other clean energy improvements, such as energy efficiency or clean heating? 

Based on my new analysis for the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies of the Chinese counties participating in the Whole County PV programme, the answer appears to be yes.

Moreover, I found that the solar programme would pair surprisingly well with electric heat pumps.

This is an important finding, given the huge scale of rural China, which is home to hundreds of millions of people and is larger than many world regions. And it could also help to address another challenge: Chinas rural residents currently suffer a high burden of health issues due to the use of coal for heat and power.

What is Chinas Whole County PV programme?

Up until recently, most solar PV in China was installed in remote western regions, requiring costly transmission lines to bring the electricity to eastern provinces that use the most power. 

A series of huge clean energy bases......


If Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Were President, How Safe Would We Be? "IndyWatch Feed National"


Since I published what so far is a series of five columns exploring RFK Jr.s positions and claims, almost the entirety of the media, it seems, has jumped in, each offering another variation on why you wouldnt want this guy anywhere near the White House. Most have stuck to a general recitation of his well-cataloged history of controversies, and the pros and cons of having the Kennedy name. 


There are certainly some pros. First off, we should all remember the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of his early years. When he was not engaging in foolhardy personal behavior, he was trying to be a good citizen, doing praiseworthy work to promote environmental consciousness and oppose large good deeds. 


That was then; this is now. He seems to have changed, in many ways, and not for the better. Hes hardly the only person who has gotten worse much worse over the years. Sadly, the debasement of lofty principles and the degradation of the discourse is a trend. 


Still, Ive seen few media drill-downs into his core beliefs, or detailed scrutiny of the claims hes made that are either scientifically dicey or simply false which has thus far been my principal focus.


And theres something else I havent yet seen: a rumination on what it would actually be like if he, against all odds, actually won. What would a Robert F. Kennedy presidency look like based on his public positions and statements over the years, and on the apparent mindsets and beliefs of a vocal segment of his backers? 


What kind of people would he listen to? What kind would he appoint? 


Answering that requires some sense of his own grasp of matters at the core of policymaking. Bright as he is, he may not understand science as much as he thinks he does. That may explain why he seemingly takes the word of so-called experts who challenge the establishment, many of whom have been discredited. 


And he apparently accepts their own self-serving and outright wrong explanations for why they have been discredited. This goes to the heart of what makes him so untrustworthy as a prospective leader. (More on his health views below.)



Had Kennedy been president during COVID-19, there would have been no serious effort at containment, but rather it would have been allowed to spread until it burned itself out. One assumes that with...


Depopulation The Deagel Forecast and Birthgap "IndyWatch Feed National"

Introduction by DM

No government wants to deal with the excess deaths in 2022.

Lets refer to the FACTS. We have just the organisation to do just that the ABC.

CheckMate is a weekly newsletter from RMIT FactLab which recaps the latest in the world of fact-checking and misinformation, drawing on the work of FactLab and its sister organisation, RMIT ABC Fact Check. (ABC report)

Stating No credible evidence vaccines are behind a rise in Australian deaths.

Really!!!!  At least the media is forced to report it. This is from



Crikey's Editor Sophie Black confirms, only leftist group-think welcome. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sophie Black is straight from central-casting for the Crikey editorship. A committed leftist. Employment history of a bit of human rights journalism, a dabble in the academic journalism world, did some writing for The Guardian - classic inner suburban (read: Greens) values. Typically like the Left, shes intolerant of other...


Melbournes iconic Festival Hall is set to host live music once again "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Its been home to countless gigs, ranging from The Beatles and Frank Sinatra to Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Mars Volta and everything in between. Chances are, if youre a live music fan in Melbourne youve been to Festival Hall.

Now live music is set to resonate once again within the iconic walls of Melbournes Festival Hall once again, with the reigns now held by Live Nation, who took over the management of the venue owned by Hillsong Corp. The US-based global touring company has reportedly signed a multi-year lease on the venue.

Officially re-launching in Melbourne on Thursday, 15 June, Live Nation Asia Pacific President Roger Field officially reopened the venue for the music industry, ready to welcome music lovers back to its hallowed halls.

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.


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Property Negotiation Tips to Maximise Your Sale Price "IndyWatch Feed National"

Negotiating the purchase of a property can be a challenge, no matter what side of the equation youre on. Whether youre a buyer trying to secure a fair deal or a seller hoping to maximise your profit, mastering the art of negotiating is a delicate balance. In this blog post, well explore 5 essential tips to help you navigate property negotiations successfully in the tough Australian market.

Research and Market Knowledge

Before you enter into any negotiation, make sure youve conducted plenty of research and have a deep understanding of the current market conditions in Australia and the specific neighbourhood the property is located in.

You can do this by analysing recent property sales in the area, considering the average sales prices and staying on top of any local market trends. With this knowledge in your back pocket, youll be in the best position to make informed decisions and negotiate from an ideal position.

Set Clear Goals and Prioritise

Having clearly defined goals and objectives is key to a successful negotiation. Regardless of whether youre a buyer or a seller, make sure you determine what your non-negotiables are. This might be the maximum price youre willing to pay or the minimum youre willing to accept, but can also include location, property condition, potential for future growth and more.

Once you have your objectives prioritised, you can stand firm during negotiations and remain confident in both where you stand firm and where youre willing to compromise.

Understand a Sellers Motivations

Real Estate Seller

If youre a buyer, then its in your best interest to try and uncover the sellers motivations during negotiations. Are they in a hurry to sell due to a tight deadline? Or maybe theyre experiencing financial difficulties? Whatever the case, having insight into their situation can help provide you with an advantage during negotiations and allow you to make smarter decisions.

If the seller is motivated, then you have a good chance of securing a better deal or negotiating more favourable terms. Dont be afraid to engage in conversations and ask plenty of open-ended questions to gather insights that can help inform your negotiation strategy going forward.

Leverage Professional Representation

Working with a qualified and experienced real estate agent or buyers or...


Masterpiece. An instant classic. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thank you 'Rhodesian' for this masterpiece - and Underminder for the tip.


Pakington Street restaurant Taste Jamaica has closed its doors "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Loved amongst locals for its Jamaican-style meals and bright rooftop bar, Pakington Streets iconic Jamaican-style caf Taste Jamaica has permanently closed its doors.

The business announced the news on social media on Sunday, 18 June, after originally announcing the news in April, citing a focus on imports and catering at festivals and events going forward.

Taste Jamaica restaurant is now permanently closed. Time for some well deserved relaxation, the post read.

Everyone that has supported us during this time, we really do appreciate your support. We will never forget you all.

Festivals and Events thats what we are about and thats what we will be focusing on moving forward.

Keep up with the latest food and booze news across the region here.

Taste Jamaica will host a farewell party on 25 June 2023 with a brilliant day of live music. Titled Reggae on Pako, the farewell event will kick off at 12pm and feature the likes of DJ Dazz, Wild Gloriosa, Sole Sister Swing, Mpress Kandance, Flames Eye, Ras Jahknow band and Nicky Bomba.

Entry is free with food and drinks at bar prices.


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Pauline Hanson on saying NO to Albanese's Vanity Voice "IndyWatch Feed National"

To the people of Australia: we are one people, one nation, and should be under one flag. I asking you to please vote no to Albaneses divisive and risky race-based Voice in Canberra. This will probably be one of the most momentous days in the history of our nation and...


More Albanese bullshit - now the referendum is a chance to say YES to reconciliation "IndyWatch Feed National"

He is all over the place. Parliaments pass laws. People make history. This is your chance to change our country for the better. Anthony Albanese (@AlboMP) June 19, 2023


'Silent' killer in cholesterol more firmly linked to heart disease? "IndyWatch Feed National"

what we still do not have is a good biological pathway that gives us so called bad cholesterol and statins are not surviving the test of time.

what i do know is that independent of all this ,is that we all suffer from low level scurvy which can be countered by a daily heaping teaspoon of ascorbic acid or vitimin C.  As per Linus Pauling who turmed a bad prognosis at age 48 into a full life through 92.  my own prognosis was also equally bad after my own heart attack at age 57.  the last looksee five years ago showed zero new inflamation and all old scaring just that.  And i do expect to see 100 with a healthy circulatory system.

otherwise, i would like to have far better answers than any of this  which assumes the association is significant when it may well not be.  Far too often meta stats throw up indications that are simply that and certainly no proof of causation..

'Silent' killer in cholesterol more firmly linked to heart disease

June 13, 2023

Common problem: One in five people have the genetic potential for elevated Lp(a) levels


Every Human Being is Dealing With or Not Dealing With or Entirely Ignorant of The Same Force. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Visible Origami June 16, 2023

God Poet Transmitting.

I had an experience yesterday morning that almost turned it upside down for me. As I was logging into my computer I saw something I had not seen before, and in a moment of disconnect, I clicked it previous to logging on and it immediately started to install Windows 11, (or so I was led to believe) which I did not want. I didnt want Windows 10 either, but knowing I could use a Windows 7 Shell, I got 10 when support for 7 ended.

Anyway, I could not stop this thing and the next thing I knew, (It was only a few minutes) my desktop was changed. My Documents was empty, as was Downloads, and I guess much of the rest of what I use each day, and I did not have my two Notepad HTML files which are always on the desktop.

This was early before 6 AM and I did all sorts of things including a System Restore. Nothing worked, and I kept getting error messages. It didnt make sense, and I am not a computer Luddite.

I am set to meditate before 7AM as The Sun is rising. I went and sat in my meditation chair but could not meditate. Before going out there was this discomfort and pressing anxiety. I could not understand it. I KNEW none of this matters. I knew it would be fixed, but the agitation was constant. I managed it without reacting.

I called my fix-it computer guy and he came over around noon. Instantly he located the problem and all was exactly as it had been. I had created another User ID and that was a kind of clear slate that didnt recognize what the main.. previous User had going on. It never even occurred to me that such a thing could happen. Note the word User. (grin) A sign of the times of Material Darkness and selfish intent.

The reason I write about it has to do with those emotional winds blowing through me the discomfort and anxiety for which I got no answers at the time. I wasnt personally feeling any of this. It was just passing through me, though I was free to identify with it if I chose to. I could let the wavy vibrations translate into Wrath if I wanted them to, or I could just let them go. Once you are established in this understanding in a visceral sense, your whole world will change.

Later in the day, I was told it was during moments like this that these subconscious forces were being bled out of me provided that I allowed it. The Temperance card came instantly into my mind. Its quality is Wrath. That has to do with the wavy vibration of the angel pouring forth the neutralizing agents upon The Lion and The Eagle; Leo and Scorpio.

The Eagle is the sexual force transformed into spiritual vision. Otherwise, you get the scorpion, with the stinger poised above itself. Sex is life and form-giving. It is also death-dealing to lif...


Proposed reforms to strengthen democracy could have major unintended consequences for charities and community groups "IndyWatch Feed National"

The recommendations from an inquiry into the 2022 federal election could strengthen Australias democracy, the Human Rights Law Centre said today, but they could also have the unintended consequence of silencing civil society voices in election debates.

The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters interim report recommends long overdue reforms to make political donations transparent, to cap election spending and to ban large donations to politicians altogether. Important detail is yet to be finalised, but done well, these reforms could help protect Australian parliament from the undue influence of wealthy individuals and harmful industries like fossil fuels and gambling.

A key concern emerging from the report, though, is that it also recommends donation caps be imposed on charities and community groups that qualify as third parties under the Commonwealth Electoral Act. Extending donation caps to charities and community groups will suppress advocacy on important issues like the climate and public housing, but do nothing to stop distorting public campaigns from industry peaks like the Minerals Council of Australia.

Alice Drury, Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, said:
Without limits on political donations and election spending, politicians will respond to those with the biggest bank balance, instead of those with the best ideas. Australians are fed up with the status quo. We need a level playing field. Elections should be a time when people with important things to say on matters of public interest can be heard, not just those with enough cash to buy a national platform.

Limits on political donations and election spending are the reforms we need to get the influence of big money out of Australian politics. But its equally important that we protect the rights of ordinary people to have their voices heard on issues they care deeply about, be it through charities or local community groups. It is vital that the Albanese Government sit down with civil society groups before this proposal becomes law to work through the unintended consequences for advocacy.

As they currently stand, the recommendations of this report are discriminatory and anti-charity: they would prevent charities and not-for-profits from raising large donations to use on advocacy on health and the environment in the lead up to elections, but wouldnt do anything to stop industry peaks relying on corporate membership fees for pro-tobacco and pro-mining election advertising.

Media contact:
Thomas Feng
Human Rights Law Centre
Media and Communications Manager
0431 285 275


Connor Morels A Lovely Day To Be Online returns for one-off performance at Geelong Arts Centre Grand Opening Festival "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Fresh from an impressive run at Adelaide Fringe Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival earlier this year, Geelong and Melbourne-based actor, singer, writer and musician Connor Morel is bringing his gig-turned-musical-turned-existential-crisis theatre show A Lovely Day To Be Online home to Geelong as part of the Geelong Arts Centres Grand Opening Festival.

Following a $140m Little Malop Street Redevelopment, the Geelong Arts Centre will be officially swinging open the shiny new doors on Saturday 19 August, with a huge four-week-long opening festival happening to celebrate.

A Lovely Day To Be Online is the latest show to join the festival program, alongside the likes of celebrated multi-ARIA-Award winning R&B-pop artist, Jessica Mauboy, and an Australian comedy triple-header, featuring Dave Thornton, Dilruk Jayasinha and Lizzy Hoo, plus Missy Higgins, Opera Australia, Belvoir St Theatre, family fun with Windmill Theatre Company and more.

Stay up to date with whats happening in and around the region here

Taking over the new Open House in Geelong on 22 September from 7pm, singer-songwriter and self-obsessed internet addict Connor fronts a live band in this original gig-theatre show that asks: are we doing the internet right? And would life just be easier without it all?

From the fake Instagram influencers to the radical keyboard warriors; the scamming crypto hackers to the obsessive YouTube addicts: were all in the sauce. But is it all going too far? And what would it take for us to realise it is?

Full of original soul-pop tunes, stories, memes and a whole lot of heart, this show delves into the humanity of how we use the internet, and how it preys on us when were at our worst.

Debuting at Melbourne Fringe last year to rave reviews, Connor (frontman of Geelongs nostalgic pop rock band The Run and who is already being referred to as an Australian answer to Bo Burnham) wrote the 50-minute show as a reflection on his own obsession with his smartphone and what it was doing to him.

Addressing how social media affects his relationships, his local community, and his broader understanding of how the world functions, the show was initially inspired by Connors own frustrating habit for his smartphone pre-pandemic, and escalating mid-pandemic with an increase in screen time prompting t...


Vanessa Amorosi, Spacey Jane, The Wombats lead Grapevine Gathering lineup for 2023 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Fresh from delivering a huge festival last year with unforgettable performances by The Kooks, Peking Duk, The Veronicas, Ball Park Music, Confidence Man, Jack River and more, Australias favourite wine and music pairing Grapevine Gathering is back for 2023 with an absolutely huge lineup.

Taking to the Yarra Valley (VIC), Hunter Valley (NSW), Swan Valley (WA), Mount Cotton (QLD), and McLaren Vale (SA) this October, this years festival will include indie rock sensations Spacey Jane, UK festival favourites The Wombats, Hayden James, the electrifying band from Arnhem Land King Stingray, Absolutely Everybody singer Vanessa Amorosi, Cannons, The Rions, up-and-coming duo Teenage Joans and Bella Amor.

Grapevine Gathering 2023

  • Saturday 7th October Rochford Estate, VIC
  • Sunday 8th October Sirromet Wines, QLD
  • Saturday 14th October Sandalford Wines, WA
  • Saturday 21st October Hope Estate, NSW
  • Sunday 22nd October Serafino Wines, SA

Full lineup

  • Spacey Jane
  • The Wombats [Aus Exclusive]
  • Hayden James [Aus Exclusive]
  • King Stingray
  • Vanessa Amorosi
  • Cannons
  • The Rions
  • Teenage Joans
  • Bella Amor
  • Hosted by Lucy and Nikki

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.

Hosting the music and wine festival will be the popular podcast duo Lucy and Nikki, who will keep the energy high and the audience engaged throughout the event with their witty banter and infectious enthusiasm.

Grapevine Gathering is renowned for its commitment to providing a holistic experience, complementing the diverse music lineup with the finest local wines and food options on offer. Festival-goers will have the opportunity to indulge in the tantalising flavours of each region while enjoying the lush vineyards, rolling lawns, and world-class wines that make Grapevine Gathering a truly unique and memorable event.

Presale registrations are now open with tickets going on sale Wednesday 21st of June at 6PM AEST. Presale purchasers gain access to the cheapest tickets and for a chance to WIN 1 of 500 VIP upgrades. Any remaining tickets will be released to the public at 6PM Thurs 22nd of June.

For more information and ticket purchase, head here

The post Vanessa Amorosi, Spacey Jane, The Wombats lead Grapev...


Stranger Things Jamie Campbell Bower leads Melbournes Metro Comic Con "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

<p>There are only a few weeks to go before Metro Comic Con lands in Melbourne on 8-9 July, and the pop culture convention has pulled out all the stops to add more popular stars to its lineup.</p> <p>Beyond appearances by stars of the big and small screens and talented writers and artists, the event will feature exclusive panels, photo and autograph opportunities, pop culture exhibitors, cosplay, merchandise stalls and more.</p> <h3>Metro Comic Con in Melbourne</h3> <ul> <li>Major pop culture convention</li> <li>Melbourne Showgrounds on 8-9 July</li> <li>Jamie Campbell Bower leads lineup</li> </ul> <p class="p1"><b><i>Keep up with the latest in local news and entertainment </i></b><a href= ""><span class= "s1"><b><i>here</i></b></span></a><b><i>.</i></b></p> <h3>Additions include:</h3> <p>Jamie Campbell Bower from the smash hit series Stranger Things. The English actor thrilled fans in the most recent season of the sci-fi show when he brought to life Vecna, the central villain of the tale. He has also won a multitude of passionate fans from his roles in The Twilight Saga movies New Moon and Breaking Dawn Parts 1 & 2, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Camelot (TV) and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Dean Lennox Kelly: he has starred as Ketterdam crime boss Pekka Rollins in Netflixs adaptation of Shadow and Bone, Kev Ball in Shameless and Meredith Rutter in Jamestown, and guest starred as William Shakespeare in Doctor Who.</p> <p>Christopher Heyerdahl: he recently played Captain Locke in James Gunns Peacemaker series, starred opposite Andrew Garfield and Sam Worthington in the miniseries Under the Banner of Heaven and appeared in the haunting opening scene of The Last of Us. He is also known for his roles in TV shows like Sanctuary, Hell on Wheels, Stargate: Atlantis, Van Helsing and Supernatural, and the Twilight Saga movies.</p> <p>Vico Ortiz: they are most recognised for playing skilled pirate Jim in the TV series Our Flag Means Death alongside Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby.</p> <p>Tommy Flanagan: a prolific actor best known for playing Filip Chibs Telford in Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C. He also starred in movies such as Gladiator, Braveheart and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and will soon be seen opposite Russell Crowe in Sleeping Dogs.</p> <p>Tom Taylor: an Australian #1 New York Times bestselling author with a long list of credits for Marvel (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Wolverine, X-Men, Superior Iron Man), DC (Superman, Injustice, Batman/Superman), Dark Horse (Star Wars: Blood Ties, Star Wars: Invasion) and Gestalt (The De...


Coinbase blasts SEC for no straight answers following court order "IndyWatch Feed National"

The comment from the crypto exchange came after the SEC asked for more time to respond to Coinbase's rulemaking petition.


Yarra Valleys 16-day Fireside Festival returns in July, bigger and bigger than ever "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

<p>Wine Yarra Valley is excited to announce the return of its Fireside festival for its fifth year, and their Fireside Winter Twilight Market for its second year, after a tremendously successful 2022.</p> <h3>Fireside Yarra Valley</h3> <ul> <li>Saturday 8 Sunday 23 July 2023</li> <li>Various venues around the Yarra Valley and selected inner-Melbourne venues</li> </ul> <p class="p1"><b><i>Keep up with the latest in local news and entertainment </i></b><a href= ""><span class= "s1"><b><i>here</i></b></span></a><b><i>.</i></b></p> <p>Fireside is a 16-day festival of events across the Yarra Valley and beyond, celebrating all that winter in Melbournes most accessible wine region has to offer in sights, sounds, smells and, most importantly, tastes, against the alluring landscape of moody skies, crisp nights, and the warmth of an open fire.</p> <p>The festival showcases some of the regions very best food and drinks with special winter-themed menus curated around chargrilled, smoked and wood-fired local ingredients.</p> <p>The 2023 program features over 30 culinary experiences, including all-star food & beverage collaborations from TarraWarra Estate x Frank Camorra (Movida), Jayden Ong Wines x Tom Sarafian (ex. Rumi, Bar Saracen, Little Andorra), No7 Healesville x Bar Liberty, Rob Dolan Wines x Matilda 159, and more.

Fireside Winter Twilight Market

  • $45pp or $55pp on the night. Tickets are extremely limited and selling quickly!
  • When: Saturday 8 July, 4-8pm
  • Where: Yarra Valley Railway Station, Healesville

Also returning for 2023 is the Fireside Winter Twilight Market. After an incredibly popular pilot event in 2022, this years market will focus exclusively on Yarra Valley food & drinks, taking inspiration from the magical Christmas markets of Europe. Wine Yarra Valley is thrilled to partner with Yarra Valley Railway for the event, the largest volunteer-run organisation in Australia, and are fortunate to have received support from the Federal and Local governments to deliver a fantastic experience for the Yarra Valley community and beyond.

The ultimate winter wine experience, the Fireside Winter Twilight Market offers a variety of tasty winter treats surrounded by toasty fire pits at the historic Yarra Valley Railway in Healesville. Ticketholders will revel in the rustic ambiance of our winter wonderland whilst savouring the flavours of the region, and are advised to bring their woollens and their dancing shoes for a fantastic evening celebrating the joys of winter with good food, drinks and great times!

A selection of local wines, beers and ciders will be available...


Charlie Puth announces second Melbourne show for October 2023 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

In his first-ever Australian tour later this year, Charlie Puth has announced a second Melbourne show due to an overwhelming demand for tickets over the weekend.

Quickly selling out Margaret Court Arena on Sunday 29th October, Charlie Puth will now be bringing The Charlie Live Experience to Margaret Court Arena on Monday 30th October. Tickets to the second Melbourne show go on sale 11am Tuesday 20 June 2023.

Charlie Puth Australia 2023

  • October 27 The Riverstage, Brisbane
  • October 29 Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne (Sold Out)
  • October 30 Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne
  • November 1 Aware Super Theatre, Sydney

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.

Charlie Puth announces first ever Australian tour for October/November 2023

Charlie Puth has been whole-heartedly embraced across Australia for his exceptional songwriting, and charismatic online persona.

Further to the incredible international success across his three studio albums, Puth has had multiple singles crack the Top 10 of the ARIA Singles Chart locally, including One Call Away reaching #3 overall, and Attention, both of which being accredited 6 x Platinum.

As the global star makes his way down under to celebrate the release of his critically acclaimed 2022 album CHARLIE, fans will have a chance to hear all of their favourites, whilst experiencing the music in a brand new way. Truly at home on stage, fans will be enamoured with Puths artistry within his live show; not only with a voice that transcends, but through his incredible musicianship, and captivating onstage charisma.

Grab your tickets here.

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Husband duo Mister Co usher in a new rock era with liberating new single Dont Talk About It "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Stepping out of the colourful, love-filled world and into a new era, liberated and filled with a fiery passion, Mister Co begins again. 

This time with Dont Talk About It, a dynamic and catchy track that while taking a massive step in an entirely new direction, is still as genuine to who the husband duo are as anything else theyve ever done. 

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.

Independently released on 17 June, Dont Talk About It sees the passionate musicians and producers Connor and Oscar Absolum exude immense confidence and liberation. 

Drawing inspiration from their alternative and rock influences, the near four-minute track features driving guitar lines, crashing percussion and intimate lyrics providing an enthralling entry into a new rock era for the duo while promising to liberate listeners and leave them humming the infectious chorus for days.

Soaring with raw emotion, cinematic strength and the radiant energy thats become synonymous with the duo since their first single, here the duo delivers an entirely empowering anthem, delving into the theme of emotional captivity by those who claim to be supportive. 

Reflecting on their personal experiences of feeling restrained and limited by individuals who hindered their musical and personal endeavours, Mister Co. crafted Dont Talk About It as a powerful response to reclaim their voice, leaving behind the theme of love that characterized their earlier works.

We wrote Dont Talk About It while reflecting on the times in our lives where we felt held back and restricted by people who didnt want us to succeed with our music, our business and our relationship. This was our chance to respond and have our say.

Written as an emancipation piece, the pair explores the narrative of being held emotionally captive by those who claim to support you, singing: 

From your lies!
For me to take flight!
I want to t...


Statement at the 53rd Session of the UN Human Rights Council "IndyWatch Feed National"

June 2023

Item 2: Enhanced interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan and the Working Group on discrimination against women and girls

Statement by the Human Rights Law Centre, Australia

Thank you, Mr President. I am Sitarah Mohammadi.

Since the Talibans return in 2021, they have launched a systematic campaign against human rights in Afghanistan that affects all liberal groups, women, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Hazaras, Pashtuns, and minorities.

While Afghanistan is a land of ethnic minorities among the various victims of the Talibans repressive rule, it is important to recognise the genocidal and systematic persecution endured by the Hazara people, a religious minority. Recognising the systematic persecution of Hazaras should lead to meaningful steps to document these abuses and protect the Hazaras from further repression, dispossession, and marginalisation.

The systematic persecution of the Hazara people illustrates a complex combination of factors such as ethnicity, religion, predominantly Shia Muslims, and the suppression of democratic and progressive values. Consequently, the situation of Hazaras further reflects the broader human rights violations and atrocities committed by Taliban rule.

At the national level, Hazaras are excluded entirely from the Talibans governance system. The systematic and structural discrimination against the Hazaras at the micro and local levels is deeply concerning. The Taliban actively divert international humanitarian aid from Hazara areas to reward their supporters in other areas.

Several Hazara communities in several provinces have been forcefully displaced from their ancestral lands.

This is genocidal displacement.

Hazaras face active discrimination in the judicial system at the administrative and district levels. Locally, the return of the Taliban has created a situation whereby one group, primarily the Pashtun people, completely dominates the Hazaras politically, economically, and culturally.

The Taliban have entirely removed all Hazaras from the courts across Afghanistan, including in areas where the Hazaras form the majority of the population.

Hazara women experience extra layers of vulnerability due to the intersectional factors of gender, religion, and ethnicity.

Hazaras face widespread and all-encompassing discrimination that affects them in various aspects of their lives.

The mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) was renewed by UN Security Council Resolution 2678 on March 16, 2023. On the same day, the Council approved Resolution 2679, mandating an ongoing human rights assessment of Afghanistan.

The UN must go beyond tepid ver...


Rialto Aglow is the new 10-day winter lights festival coming to Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Rialto Aglow is the new 10-day winter lights festival coming to the heart of Melbourne next month, bringing along interactive light installations from some of Australias most exciting public artists, nightly live entertainment and festival-themed cocktails, food and bites to Rialto, the iconic fifty-five-floor office tower and retail precinct in the heart of Melbourne CBDs midtown.

Running from 19 to 29 July, the free festival will be headlined by a new large-scale projection artwork leading into the Rialto Piazza, with interactive works of light, music, sound and colour immersing the Piazza from Collins St to Flinders Lane and King Street.

Rialto Aglow Melbourne

  • Rialto Aglow is the new winter lights festival coming to Melbourne
  • Running for 10 days (19-29 July) the festival will feature interactive light installations, live entertainment and themed cocktails and food
  • Entry to Rialto Aglow and live entertainment each night is free

Keep up with the latest in local news and entertainment here.

With entry to the festival free, guests will also witness large-scale works from Simone Chuas prolific Amigo & Amigo studio (VIVID Sydney, Canary Wharf London, Eurovision 2023) including Accordion, a multisensory large-scale installation inspired by the traditional instrument of the same name; and Lunar Lamp Posts is Amigo & Amigos new large-scale 10 x 10-metre interactive light installation, inspired by the cycles of the moon. With over 40 different music sounds and interactive lighting animations, the audience can touch and play as the forest of moons illuminates and animates.

Beloved Australian neon light artist Carla OBrien (White Night, Burning Man, Festival of Light) will also have a range of works popping up around Rialto Aglow, through her new studio Volter International. Highlighted works include a playful live instrument installation Neon Play The Music and the iridescent Double Rainbow Love Heart Archway, while all her works provide irresistible photo opportunities, much like Carlas Neon Angel Wings did for Katy Perry at Burning Man festival in 2016.

The Rialto Aglow Winter Lights Festival is supported through the Melbourne City Revitalisation Fund a $200 million partnership between the Victorian Government and the City of Melbourne.

Rialto Aglow runs from 5pm daily 19-29 July 2023. Entrance to Rialto Aglow, and live entertainment each night is free for Melburnians and visitors of all ages. Head here for more info. 

The post Rialto Aglow is the new 10-day winter lights festival coming to......


Why we excuse Australian war crimes "IndyWatch Feed National"

The long history of Australian militarism reminds us that the necessary condemnations of Ben Roberts-Smith and the SAS need to be situated in relation to the countrys sub-imperial ambitions. Are we a part of the Empire / Close welded as hilt and blade? AG Hales asked. As the tensions between the United States and China grow, that determination to weld Australia into Empire only becomes more dangerous.

The post Why we excuse Australian war crimes appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Albanese government makes some concessions on affordable housing policy "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Theres no to ways to look at it, the Albanese government has had no other choice but to offer more than what it had offered in Mays budget to extend social housing. It has not only been about the Greens holding out for more in the senate. A steep rise in the cost having a roof over ones head has become a huge issue with an electorate facing difficulty as the cost of living overall continues to rise.

Under these circumstances, the cost of housing has the potential of being a make or break for any government. The May budgets provision on this score was criticised as inadequate by organisations dealing with those falling through the holes, for not being nearly ambitious enough and that it would not start until 2026. It said it would do little to make a difference.

Cartoon by Simon Kneebone

Anthony Albanese government had no other choice but to offer more and did so on Saturday. The initial offer of $10 billion or $500 million a year over a decade, was added to by a once off top up of $575 new funding for the states, with $610m for New South Wales will, $496 million for Victoria, and $398 million for Queensland. $209 million for Western Australia, and $135 million for South Australia with the rest divided between Tasmania, the Northern Territory. The Australian Capital Territory, who will receive a minimum $50 million.

A further $200 million will be allocated to repair, maintain, and improve housing in remote Frist Nations communities.

The original promise was supposed to build 30,000 new homes in the first 5 years of the program. This number was always questionable and has now been downgraded to 20,000. It still seems a lot with the promised outlay. This has inevitably led to suspicion that a significant part of new builds will be sold in the private market and that there be far less going into social housing than the impression given.

Aware of this the potential fallout, Anthony Albanese has countered with a promise this isnt going to happen. were not going to have public housing built and then flogged off, he said. time will tell whether the government is going to honour this.

Another problem is the question mark over trusting the Housing Australia Future Fund (also known as the Haff). It will be managed as a...


The Maggie Pills announce national Hope is a Risk album tour "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

<p>Argentine x Australian punk rock outfit The Maggie Pills have just dropped their powerful debut album, <em>Hope is a Risk</em> in its full-length glory, while also offering up the mighty third album track Bright the Brightest Light and sharing a run of national tour dates to celebrate.</p> <p>The album tour will kick off in Melbourne on 24 June before heading to Frankston, Geelong, Beechworth, Sydney, Wollongong and Adelaide.</p> <h3>The Maggie Pills National Tour 2023 Victorian Dates</h3> <p>Sat 24 June The Bergy Bandroom, Melbourne<br> W/ The Hot Blood & Hearts and Rockets

Sat July 8 Singing Bird Studios, Frankston<br> W/ Hearts and Rockets & Nicoteenagers

Sat 15 July The Barwon Club, Geelong<br> W/ Stripp, Green Blanket and Vicious Blonde</p> <p>Sat 19 August Tanswells, Beechworth<br> W/ Biff</p> <p class="p1"><b><i>Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews </i></b><a href= ""><span class= "s1"><b><i>here</i></b></span></a><b><i>.</i></b></p> <p><em>Hope is a Risk</em> is the mighty debut release from The Maggie Pills, an outfit whose founding members, Argentinian frontwoman Delfi Sorondo and Venezuelan drummer Mario Perez, formed shortly after migrating to Australia.</p> <p>Mastered by legendary sound engineer Joe Carra (Amyl & The Sniffers, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Courtney Barnett), and filled with compelling Latin percussions, razor-sharp guitars, fuzzy bass lines, unhinged synths, and gestural vocals, Hope is a Risk masters the intersections between intuitive and mathematical, grunge and pop, gothic and colorful.

The band was born out of necessity for myself and Delfi to unleash all the feelings we went through when we migrated to Australia but suddenly found ourselves alone in the middle of a global pandemic and the world was falling apart reflects Perez.</p> <p>These intimate experiences give profound authenticity to Hope is a Risk as the personal becomes political throughout the albums themes on global politics. Yet theres a constant sense of finding resolution amidst the turmoil, with each track providing a carefully curated amount of unhinged catharsis, tension and release as well as a sense of being at peace with itself.</p> <p>Its own anger constantly seeks light through pop tones, guitar-hero landscapes, and imaginatively built universes inspired by the otherworldly, western films, sci-fi, and William Blake levels of poetic ponderings. After all, The Maggie Pills migrated to Melbourne to take a leap of faith across the pacific ocean and chase their artistic dreams.</p> <p>I think this is why the songs we play carry a lot of wrath but also beautiful f...


SACOSS welcomes 'biggest social housing investment for decades' to address rental affordability crisis "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sunday, 18 June 2023

The South Australian Council of Social Service and its members welcome the Federal Governments announcement of immediate and significant funding to state and territory governments for social housing.


Joe Biden feels up actress Eva Longoria - makes her cry - and no one says anything. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thanks to Washington Free Beacon for these graphics of Biden trapping then copping a feel from actress Eva Longoria. And who wouldn't be upset and cry over a lecherous old creep feeling you up in public? Here's the whole thing as it happened.


Swiss approve net-zero climate law "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Switzerlands famed mountains are at extreme risk from climate change. Just in the last week, a huge chunk of the summit of Fluchthorn (also known as Piz Fenga) collapsed. The 3,399m mountain lies in the Silvretta Alps on the border between Austria and Switzerland. Thousands of tons of rock fell because of thawing permafrost.

Now, Swiss voters have backed a new law that seeks to accelerate the countrys shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies and reach zero emissions by 2050. In all, 59.1% of voters approved the governments Climate and Innovation law.

The government and all major parties, except for the right-wing Swiss Peoples Party, had called to vote in favour of the bill.

According to the Swissinfo website,

The new climate and innovation lawExternal link, approved by parliament in September 2022, aims to kill several birds with one stone: it sets out CO2 emissions milestones to ensure Switzerland meets its international climate commitments and seeks a gradual reduction of imported fossil fuels in favour of Swiss-made renewables to improve energy security.

The law was drawn up as an indirect counterproposal to the so-called Glacier Initiative, and incorporates the main objective of the initiative namely, for Switzerland to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

But the text uses a carrot-not-stick approach: no taxes or compulsory action but instead financial support CHF3.2 billion ($3.2 billion) over ten years for homeowners to replace electric, gas or oil heating systems with more climate-friendly systems like heat pumps. Businesses will also be incentivised to invest in green technologies.


Activists block facilitation of the climate crisis at ports in Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed National"

Raffi getting ready to go up on a bipod at Newcastle. Photo supplied.

As part of a coordinated mobilisation of actions in response to what they say is Australias facilitation of the climate and ecological crisis, activist Raffi is on a bipod, halting all operations at Newcastle, the most significant economic bottleneck of the worlds largest coal port.

Raffi is on Kooragang Rail Bridge blocking the coal rail line on what they say is stolen, unceded Awabakal and Worimi Country in an active blocking of impactful action towards a safe climate.



Grow Your Own Herbal First Aid Kit "IndyWatch Feed National"

We bring you the herbs and plants you will need to grow to create your own herbal first aid kit.


Whats Wrong With This Study? CDC Finds COVID Shots Safe and Effective for Kids Under 4 "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Angelo DePalma, Ph.D. | The Defender | June 16, 2023

An analysis published earlier this month in Pediatrics concluded the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are safe and effective in preschool-age children a conclusion trumpeted by media outlets such as Parents and Medscape.

But the study, conducted by Kaiser Permanente researchers with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), raises more questions than it answers.

Researchers followed children (mostly 4 years old or younger) who collectively received more than 245,000 doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA products and found no indications of serious side effects, according to a Kaiser Permanente news release.

Using a form of surveillance monitoring known as rapid cycle analysis, investigators performed weekly sequential analyses for 19 safety signals, including myocarditis, pericarditis, seizures, heart attack, Bells palsyneurological inflammatory conditions, anaphylaxis and several others.

The study period was from June 2022 to March 2023.

Instead of using a comparable group of unvaccinated children as the control, the authors compared adverse events occurring 1-21 days after vaccination in one group, with outcomes among children in another group who had received the shot at some point between 22 and 42 days previously.

Time since inoculation was the only distinguishing feature, and the only factor that might account for inter-group differences.

The study, therefore, boils down to the question of whether children who received an mRNA shot about 10 days previously experienced more or fewer adverse events than children who received their jab about 32 days previously.

Data were mined from the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), a repository of patient data from eight private healthcare systems, which included five Kaiser Permanente regions and three other large health entities.....

Sunday, 18 June


Maybe Republicans Are Just Bad at Investigating "IndyWatch Feed National"

If you watch Fox News (or adjacent propaganda outlets) and listen to any number of Republicans, it is painfully obvious that prominent Democrats have been engaging in a multiyear crime spree in plain sight. And we are not talking about petty offenses but rather some pretty serious stuff: accepting bribes, high-level corruption, witch hunts, government weaponization, mishandling classified documents (actually, that one is apparently OK now), and possibly being involved in an international network of blood-drinking pedophiles.

Well, maybe. Well keep an open mind for now.

For example, it is conceivable that Joe Biden accepted $10 million from some Ukrainian. And, maybe, Hillary Clinton did all the things. Admittedly, that entire Democrats are grooming kids in pizza restaurants and drinking their blood thing is more difficult to swallow, but you never know what they are into when they are not ruining America.

Finally, theres Hunter Biden. That guy is a screwup, and were willing to believe just about any accusation leveled against him. That being said, he isnt a Democratic official and therefore doesnt really belong on this list, but Republicans are trying sooo hard, which is why we included him as well.

Now, imagine that you are part of a group of god-fearing patriots who are not only aware of all of these crimes being committed, but also have nearly unlimited resources to investigate them.

That would be pretty neat, right?

Surely, with million-dollar budgets, subpoena power, loads of amenable judges you installed, and control of the Department of Justice (DOJ) for four years, you could round up these rogues and put them away for good. You know, tough on crime, law and order and such especially if a central theme of your partys platform is to lock one of them up. After all, your supporters expect you to put an end to all that criming.

That just leaves one question: Why arent any of these Democrats and their allies in prison?

There really are only two possible answers. The first is that most of these allegations are complete BS (probably not the Hunter Biden stuff, though. That guy is a grifter). The second is that Republicans are epically bad at investigating.


There isnt a day without a Republican trotting out on Fox News to proclaim that they have ironclad evidence that will nail the Bidens for good.


Take Hillary C.........


WA Mother Battles Therapeutic Totalitarian Horror Story "IndyWatch Feed National"

READ MORE AT CALDRON POOL West Australian authorities have stripped a desperate mum of her...


mRNA vaccines fast-tracked for Australian agriculture "IndyWatch Feed National"

After the spectacular failure of mRNA vaccines in human trials, the agricultural industry is pushing ahead with mRNA vaccines for livestock engaged in the food industry. Whispers of stock 'dying suddenly' will no doubt become a complaint of farmers in the future, summarily ignored by government in the same way officials refuse to listen to serious concerns about dam-building restrictions, price hikes on Ag products, ridiculous fees and charges, incomprehensible red and green tape, biosecurity regulations that do nothing, and - fresh out of Western Australia - expensive negotiations with Indigenous groups who have never set foot on the land they claim to 'own'. In one example that mRNA is on its way Down Under, on May 2, 2023, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) announced funding for a project to 'test mRNA vaccines that can be rapidly mass-produced in Australia in the event of a lumpy skin disease or other exotic disease outbreak'.


Anglophobia Down Under: Whites Are Demonized In 90% White Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Edward Dutton The Unz Review June 16, 2023

Reviewed: Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred, by Harry Richardson and Frank Alter. Social Technologies. 2023.

In the relentless Machiavellian Leftist attack on European culture, we hear much about Bad Whites in Canada, England, and the United States. Yet we hear little about whites in the other large English-speaking nation, Australia. Tucked away Down Under, with just 26 million inhabitants, the continent maintained a White Australia immigration policy until 1973 that kept the country overwhelmingly white. Even today, it is 90 percent white, and 81 percent ethnically British, about the same as the Mother Country whose convicts settled it. But as Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred reveals in great detail, Anglo-Australia is under sustained racial and cultural attack. Leftists, particularly organized Jewish leftists, have mounted a propaganda campaign that says Anglo-Australians are racists who should be ashamed of their history.

A recent example: Stan Grant, a top television host for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, quit the job because he suffered, he claimed, a torrent of racist abuse after his comments about Australias history when he covered the coronation of King Charles III:

During the segment, he said the symbol of the Crown represented the invasion, the theft of landand in our casethe exterminating war, referring to a period of martial law in 1820s New South Wales th...


Record Review: Dan on the Run Will Be Number One With a Bullet! "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

by Kim Skeltys (copyright 2023) 

Fans of Band on the Run, a big hit for Paul McCartney in the 70s, will love Dan on the Run a fab remake by Jude and the Jailbirds.

And with rumours of Dan Andrewss imminent departure as premier, the timing of their release is frankly uncanny!

The song begins in a melancholy mood with a band of Victorian freedom fighters lamenting their captivity in lockdown, with one of the protagonists singing:

 Stuck inside these four walls

Lockdown lasts forever

Never seeing no-one

Nice again, like you


You, Monica!

The name Monica is almost certainly a reference to the famous anti-lockdown activist and heroine Monica Smit.

Not surprisingly, the singer seems smitten by her.

Then comes the menacing sounding guitar riff, with a sli...


Peak oil according to Dr Tim Morgan "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Surplus Energy Economics

The home of the SEEDS economic model Tim

#258: Written in the skies

Posted on 


On a glorious summers day towards the end of the Second World War, a German fighter ace, his squadron grounded for lack of fuel, sat in a deck-chair watching the vapour trails of American bombers write the end of the Third Reich across azure skies.

Metaphorically, a similar message is being sky-written now. According to Goehring & Rozencwajg who are as good as it gets where energy analysis is concerned  Hubberts peak is finally here. Only hindsight, of course, can conclusively determine the moment at which peak oil became a reality, but G&R are very probably right.

With conventional oil production in decline since 2016, the only source of unconventional supply which remains capable of further increase is the Permian basin, located in six counties in West Texas.

This basin, say G&R, is within a year of its own peak, and we know how rapidly shale production declines once a basin slips onto the down-slope of the drilling treadmill. The rates of decline of individual shale wells tend to be very rapid, and a point inevitably arrives at which operators can no longer drill enough new wells to stop overall output declining.

OPEC claims to have 4 mmb/d of spare production capacity, but this even if true, which is highly debateable wouldnt tide us over for long, with demand growing, and other sources of supply in relentless decline.

The peaking and impending decline of oil supply is sky-writing dramatic changes to activities hitherto taken for granted. Its almost impossible to overstate the importance of oil for so many aspects of daily life.

Some examples are obvious, though many others are less so. Unless you believe, for instance, we can replace avgas with recycled cooking-oil, mass air travel is finished, not necessarily imminently, but inevitably. Flying may remain an option for the well-to-do, but huge economies of scale will be lost, and industries structured around low-cost flights will be left high and dry.

Much the same applies to motoring...


The Tale of the City: Gentrification in London Part 2 "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Guns of Brixton sung by the Clash in 1979 made Brixton synonymous with resistance, anti-oppression, and anti-racism beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. The song presaged the riots of 1981 which rose Brixton into a symbol even as they spread all over England* that summer. The emblematic city of Brixton is currently at a crucial crossroad, struggling not to lose its character as gentrification spreads across London.

With a vibrance of ethnic identities represented, Brixtons main market on Popes Road in the heart of the city is the where activists and campaigners have launched their wide-reaching #FightTheTower campaign. The anti-gentrification campaign is aimed at stopping the construction of Taylor Tower, a 20-story building that will alter the landscape of the market. Brixton will either keep its soul, or it will become an empty shell in a gentrified area. This article is the second in our three-part series, Tale of the City: Gentrification in London.

This article is a commentary piece reflecting lived experience, research and/or perspectives of the author. The views and opinions expressed dont necessarily represent those of Unicorn Riot.

In the 1980s, Brixton symbolized the heavily policed racially discriminated communities answer to the exclusion, austerity, and repression of the UKs former Prime Minister Margaret Thatchers regime. Thatcherism was the main pillar along with Reaganomics in the neoliberal narrative in the 80s. 

Neoliberalism is a political, economical and philosophical current achieved mainly through austerity and privatization. Its aim is the deterioration of the welfare state and governments social and financial intervention in order to achieve economic prosperity and well-being through the reign of the free market competition in the modern capitalist societies. 

Neoliberalism targets not only the social state but society itself. It was presented to the UK as the only alternative by Thatcher who phrased it as there is no alternative (TINA). It was complemented by former U.S. President Ronald Reagans economic policies called Reaganomics, which implemented tax reduction, decreased government spending and deregulation of the markets. Thatchers other well known phrase in the early 80s, there is no society but families and individuals is indicative of neoliberalisms effort to suppress and deconstruct societys ability to self institute, decide and act.

Drowning in Neoliberal Waters

Forty years later, Brixton is floating in deep neoliberal waters, facing the biggest danger ever as a community repeated waves of gentrification. A continuous phenomenon w...


More Sydney buyers than sellers "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Auctions packed out

Property stock listed for sale remains exceptionally low, and Sydney recorded a surging preliminary auction clearance rate of above 80 per cent this week (albeit on fairly low volumes for this time of year). 

Anecdotally there were some very busy open homes in Melbourne this weekend, though the preliminary auction clearance rate slipped to 69 per cent in the Victorian capital.

Has confidence down there been knocked a little by rising interest rates and proposed land tax changes? 


One thing that is becoming increasingly evident is that the rental market in Melbourne is a steaming hot mess, with would-be tenants reportedly having dozens upon dozens of unsuccessful applications knocked back. 

In the UK - over the past five years or so - policy has pursued the removal of tax deductibility of mortgage interest for landlords with now-record population growth, and - surprise! - the rental market is a disaster in the making.

Melbourne is apparently following down the same path, seemingly continually tightening the screws on private landlords, most recently by increasing the scope and rate of land taxes on rental properties...and this is in an already chronically tight rental market.

It's a daft move, with the Greens geniuses still calling for rent caps on top. 

The grand plan was apparently to get big institutions to build the rental housing, but...


"IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica" "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Is Africa splitting into two continents? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Will the East African Rift split the continent and create a new ocean, or will it fizzle out? A giant rift is slowly tearing Africa, the second-largest continent, apart. This depression known as the East African Rift is a network of valleys that stretches about 2,175 miles (3,500 kilometers) long, from the Red Sea to Mozambique, according to the Geological Society of London. So will Africa rip apart completely, and if so, when will it split? To answer this question, let's look at the region's tectonic plates, the outer parts of the planet's surface that can collide with each other, making mountains, or pull apart, creating vast basins. Along this colossal tear in eastern Africa, the Somalian tectonic plate is pulling eastward from the larger, older part of the continent, the Nubian tectonic plate, according to NASA's Earth Observatory. (The Somalian plate is also known as the Somali plate, and the Nubian plate is also sometimes called the African plate.) The Somalian and Nubian...


Mercedes-Benz Rolls Out ChatGPT For 900,000 US Vehicles To Answer Complex Questions While Driving "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Mercedes-Benz Rolls Out ChatGPT For 900,000 US Vehicles To Answer Complex Questions While Driving

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